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Skin Quality Price Price mode Average Lowest Median Highest Sales Amount Skewness Keys
Factory New$6.07Community$5.15$5.15$5.15$5.152260.041 Key
Minimal Wear$0.61Community$0.65$0.65$0.65$0.655920.43< 1 Key
Field-Tested$0.41Market$0.3$0.3$0.3$0.33143-0.96< 1 Key
Well-Worn$0.4Market$0.41$0.41$0.41$0.411720.69< 1 Key
Battle-Scarred$0.46Market$0.4$0.4$0.4$0.4676-0.57< 1 Key
Souvenir Factory New$11.56Community$9.32$9.32$9.32$9.321160.592 Keys
Souvenir Minimal Wear$1.23Market$1.23$1.23$1.23$1.2321991.23< 1 Key
Souvenir Field-Tested$0.39Community$0.39$0.39$0.39$0.39194101.07< 1 Key
Souvenir Well-Worn$0.61Market$0.58$0.58$0.58$0.5841610.54< 1 Key
Souvenir Battle-Scarred$0.49Market$0.42$0.42$0.42$0.4221670.18< 1 Key

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