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Skin Quality Price Price mode Average Lowest Median Highest Sales Amount Skewness Keys
Factory New$5.55Community$6.79$6.79$6.79$6.791330.011 Key
Minimal Wear$0.47Community$0.51$0.51$0.51$0.513871.45< 1 Key
Field-Tested$0.28Market$0.37$0.37$0.37$0.3711400.88< 1 Key
Well-Worn$0.27Market$0.38$0.38$0.38$0.382890.56< 1 Key
Battle-Scarred$0.27Market$0.3$0.3$0.3$0.316136-0.27< 1 Key
Souvenir Factory New$6.22Community$6.55$6.55$6.55$6.55113-0.522 Keys
Souvenir Minimal Wear$0.61Market$0.82$0.82$0.82$0.8251800.94< 1 Key
Souvenir Field-Tested$0.29Community$0.3$0.3$0.3$0.365942.44< 1 Key
Souvenir Well-Worn$0.61Market$0.44$0.44$0.44$0.4451861.33< 1 Key
Souvenir Battle-Scarred$0.3Market$0.29$0.29$0.29$0.2941940.81< 1 Key

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