G3SG1 | Safari Mesh

Consumer Grade

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Skin Quality Price Price mode Average Lowest Median Highest Sales Amount Skewness Keys
Factory New$7.1Community$7.27$7.27$7.27$7.27113-0.221 Key
Minimal Wear$0.92Market$0.94$0.94$0.94$0.94162-0.12< 1 Key
Field-Tested$0.63Market$0.62$0.62$0.62$0.6211510.15< 1 Key
Well-Worn$0.78Community$0.69$0.69$0.69$0.69161-0.67< 1 Key
Battle-Scarred$1.28CommunityN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A730.56< 1 Key
Souvenir Factory New$3.92MarketN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A120.941 Key
Souvenir Minimal Wear$0.29Community$0.3$0.3$0.3$0.331991.18< 1 Key
Souvenir Field-Tested$0.12Market$0.12$0.12$0.12$0.12158190.5< 1 Key
Souvenir Well-Worn$0.21Market$0.21$0.21$0.21$0.2131940.56< 1 Key
Souvenir Battle-Scarred$0.12Market$0.16$0.16$0.16$0.1622091.08< 1 Key

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