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Skin Quality Price Price mode Average Lowest Highest Amount Skewness Keys
Factory New$1.88Market$1.82$1.86$200.0024-0.421 Key
Minimal Wear$0.24Market$0.21$0.17$4975.092861.0< 1 Key
Field-Tested$0.1Market$0.07$0.05$4935.262095-2.35< 1 Key
Well-Worn$0.14Market$0.09$0.10$29.99136-1.0< 1 Key
Battle-Scarred$0.1Market$0.05$0.06$5.00153-0.89< 1 Key
Souvenir Factory New$580.96CommunityN/A$3000.00$3000.0010.43232 Keys
Souvenir Minimal Wear$34.25CommunityN/A$34.99$34.9910.0714 Keys
Souvenir Field-Tested$14.74MarketN/A$14.77$14.7710.046 Keys
Souvenir Well-Worn$20.97MarketN/A$51.73$51.7310.648 Keys
Souvenir Battle-Scarred$25.01MarketN/A$22.55$22.5510.010 Keys

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