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Release Notes for 2/16/2024

50% throw-strength grenades are now guaranteed if both attack buttons are held long enough then released within a short time from each other Fixed in-game bot avatar images not reloading correctly after pause menu was opened Fixed behaviour of previous round button during demo playback Fixed inability to clear a button binding in game settings Improved performance of telemetry display HUD element Normalized volume of NIGHTMODE music kits Stability improvements

Release Notes for 2/15/2024

Fix for animations when climbing ladders Fix for menu agents wielding tasers Fix for Kukri knife hold animation during team intro sequence spec_lock_to_accountid and spec_lock_to_current_player commands are now available for casters/observers spec_player and spec_goto now works in CSTV and demo playback tv_secure_bypass server setting now allows connecting HLAE observers to VAC secure CSTV servers In Deathmatch, the Zeus can be bought each life and will rebuy if not in random weapon mode In Deathmatch, getting a second Zeus kill in the same life will earn double points mp_modify_timeouts server-side command allows adding/subtracting a tactical timeout from CT/T team if backup file is restored or a team incorrectly took a tactical timeout instead of a technical timeout Start of warmup and end of warmup will now produce a log message in the game server log Reported damage no longer has a rounding error when reported in the game server log Improved viewmodel animation smoothness when client framerates get low or unstable Fixed issues with implementation of scancode-based key bindings. Bindings are now independent of input locales. Added performance diagnostic HUD element that can be configured in Game Settings menu ("Telemetry") Deleted cq_netgraph and cq_netgraph_problem_show_auto. Instead, use cl_hud_telemetry_serverrecvmargin_graph_show. Fix for sometimes failing to connect to a local practice server without Steam connectivity Fixed a bug with Skill Group animation at the end of competitive matches Fixed sniper scope performance hitch and adjusted visual treatment. Various performance improvements Vertigo: Fixed grenade clipping around AC unit at B-site Fixed clipping of pillar at T-Start that would potentially allow bomb to be thrown into unreachable area Nuke: Adjusted clipping around Vents entrance to prevent players' feet clipping through the vent geo Improved collision of sliding door meshes at Ramp Anubis: Added and removed a ladder near boost spot by T spawn Fixed a couple of spots where bomb could be thrown out of the map Overpass: Clipping improvements Fixed some disappearing mesh

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