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Release Notes for 12/7/2023

Fixed a bug where explicit weapon switches right after grenade throws were delayed slightly Inferno: Fixed a bug where you could plant C4 in planter

Release Notes for 12/6/2023

Fixed an issue where the player's shadow would sometimes show the incorrect animation state Weapon switching after releasing the fire button(s) will no longer cancel grenade throws (but round restart will) Various animation system optimizations Various minor bug fixes to demo playback Fixed a bug where starting pistols weren't showing in the Pistols tab of the Equipment view Fixed an issue where silencers would not be shown on weapons when held by characters in the UI Mirage: Fixed a gap under the door at Middle Anubis: Added a grenade clip to the wall at Bridge Vertigo: Changed the collision properties on railings to emit the correct footstep sounds Nuke: Fix for the sun material not blooming and adjusted the size of the material Cleaned up redundant skins on metal_door models to prevent workshop mappers hitting fatal errors for missing assets Fixed a visibility bug at Garage when looking towards Hell Changed the collision properties on railings to emit the correct footstep sounds Inferno: Changed the collision properties on railings to emit the correct footstep sounds Fixed an issue where some chimney models would disappear in the skybox Dust2: Changed the collision properties on railings to emit the correct footstep sounds

Release Notes for 12/4/2023

Fixed a bug where grenade throw strength adjustments were sometimes delayed Fixed a bug where attempting to switch to a grenade immediately after throwing it would cancel the throw You can now get an intermediate strength grenade throw without a delay by pressing primary and secondary attack simultaneously Fixed several cases of players sticking while sliding against geometry Player pings will now be displayed in the player's color Fixed "Ace Round MVP" calculation bug when teams had a different number of players Fixed shorthanded bonus logic sometimes incorrectly accounting for kicked players

Release Notes for 11/30/2023

Sub-tick timing improvements to various systems including grenade throw animations and revolver firing Added a missing fire effect to molotovs that are held by players Reduced the amount that player characters will rotate their torso away from leg orientation Improved hit reactions Made jump animations directional Improved character posing when aiming up and down Improved foot placement and posing when running Reduced animation posing when deploying The timing of a players flashbanged posing now more accurately represents the player's ability to see Fixed issue with Shadow Daggers playing catch sound during looping inspect animation Further refined falloff distance curves and volume of grenade bounces Lowered volume of deathmatch bonus period ending Lowered volume of lobby chat notification sound Fixed missing water drip console errors in Office Increased audible distance of breaking glass window sounds Fixed an issue where sometimes a Sabre agent would say hostage related lines when cheering Adjusted wear values of most tournament stickers and many other stickers to better match CS:GO Changed handling of non-default console key bindings to match CS:GO behavior Nuke: Fixed cubemap issue at Lobby Fixed hole at B-site Fixed some holes at Ramp Room Fixed glass floor material at B-Site not having impact effects Fixed up footstep sounds on hazard stripes Attempt to fix light leaking through base of doors at B-site Brightened red interior walls to help with agent vis Fixed pixel boost on chainlink fence outside Fix shadows leaking through double doors at B-site Made cubemap transitions smoother in some places at b-site Mirage: Fixed clipping on van at Truck Clipped fridge in Apartments to prevent player becoming stuck Adjusted bombsite A size and added visual boundaries Fixed collision on Scaffolding to provide smooth movement Fixed geometry and clipping outside Sniper's Nest to prevent pixel walking Office: Improved clipping around desks at t-spawn Improved clipping on crates at Back Courtyard Re-added collision to handrails Vertigo: Extended staircase and added grenade clip to stairs at near t-spawn to prevent grenades becoming wedged in gap Fixed clipping on crate at mid Fixed clipping on scaffold at back of A Fixed clipping on scaffold at T-start Fixed vis bug at A-ramp looking toward Bridge Fixed grenade clip on support beam at A-ramp Plugged Holes in insulation foam roll model Anubis: Fixed hole under pillar at A-site Fixed clipping above walkway stairs in Palace Closed up multiple microgaps throughout the map Fixed some clipping on pillar at A-site Fixed clipping on doorway at b-site Plugged some micro holes Fixed gap between two clip brushes that allowed bomb to be thrown on top of building Fixed slight wall gap that allowed sniping into bombsite A Fixed clipping on doorway at b-site Ancient: Fixed various gaps in the world Fixed various texture seams Closed gap that looks into Jaguar area Adjusted clipping along fence near A-site Adjusted clipping around tree base on A-site boost Adjusted position of stone near B-site that player could crouch in Added clipping to the top of the map to help minimize player exploits

Release Notes for 11/20/2023

Fixed silencer attach and detach animations Fixed a bug that prevented refunding the Bizon Fixed a bug where players could respawn into a bad state during reconnect Fixed a bug where ramps were not correctly reducing fall damage Fixed a case where sub-tick movement timestamps were temporarily incorrect after changing host_timescale Various fixes and improvements to de_ancient

Release Notes for 11/17/2023

Fixed a few minor sub-tick input bugs Fixed a bug with first person animation in bot takeover Fixed a bug where dropped/thrown weapons had too much velocity Fixed a case where players could push their view through low ceilings Fixed an exploit that would allow players to teleport de_overpass: Various tweaks and bug fixes de_anubis: Fixed potential pixel gap exploit at A-site and plugged hole near t-spawn where bomb could be thrown out of world

Release Notes for 11/16/2023

More sub-tick visual and audio feedback improvements Reduced sniper scope bob animation magnitude and frequency Fixed a bug causing duck to be slower when the Duck Mode was set to Toggle Fixed a case where grenade throws weren't registering on the server Thrown grenades no longer prematurely detonate if thrown while intersecting a teammate Players can no longer mitigate fall damage by defusing the bomb Adjusted weapon drop trajectories to make throwing weapons more consistent, especially when throwing weapons downward When a network interruption is detected by official game servers, the affected match will be cancelled Added unique sounds for running and jumping on metal railings and poles Fixed a bug that occurred when interrupting the CZ75a deploy with inspect Fixed the inspect and other animations for the Shadow Daggers Fixed a 'broken wrist' animation with the Survival Knife Adjusted the Mac10 first person animation to include strap and bolt movement Fixed AWP and SSG firing animation/inspect behavior while zoomed in Fixed a case where the Deagle slide would fail to reset on round restart The Revolver barrel now incrementally rotates for each shot Fixed some animation issues with weapons placed in community maps Fixed cases where the C4 light would not blink when held or holstered by players Fixed some cases where the player's shadow would show an incorrect pose Fixed a bug where bot_knives_only didn't work for T's Fixed some visual issues with demo playback Improved performance of screen particle effects Fixed the Mute Enemy Team and Mute All But Friends settings failing to mute voice Text from blocked players will no longer be visible in the premier pregame chat Players frozen by half-time gamerules are now immune to certain damage types Decals now evict the lowermost decal if enough decals overlap in a single location Player visibility fog adjustment no longer applies to dead ragdolls Smoke particles no longer stick to dead ragdolls Fixed self/team burn damage getting recorded as enemy damage Revised some common chat strings Added convar cl_deathnotices_show_numbers for observers to have quick access to player's spectate index Added a warning message for AMD and Nvidia graphics users with out-of-date drivers "Kevlar & Helmet" entry in the Buy Menu will now present itself as simply "Helmet" when contextually correct Added time to weekly rollover to the reduced XP message in the player profile tooltip Fixed kill feed and death panel not displaying correct information if the killer died earlier or disconnected Fixed round-delayed stats not updating at match end Changed deathmatch scoreboard stats from K/D/A/Score to K/HS%/DMG/Score Fixed case where text during defuse would get cut off Added direction indicators to players in the square radar Fixed case where kill icon would not display in the post-round damage info panel Fixed bad string in the commend dialog panel Fixed case where round stats in the Watch Menu would be assigned to the wrong side Fixed custom sound events files in workshop maps Added some material settings for water refraction/caustics Workshop maps can now be tagged as supporting Wingman mode Linux clients can now run workshop maps without requiring -insecure Added trigger_hostage_reset trigger and logic_eventlistener entities Added convars sv_walkable_normal and sv_standable_normal to allow community servers to tweak player movement on angled surfaces Fixed health getting clipped when it exceeds 3 digits Overpass: Fixed various cases where level mesh was disappearing occasionally Various visual updates and fixes to models and materials Straightened out some collision that was pushing players off of walls or corners Turned off the collision of some light fixtures that were pushing players off of walls Added a metal plate to swat van to hide player feet, adjusted clipping around van Fixed some small holes in the world Fixed some texture mapping seams Added player clipping on some floor grates to smooth player movement Fixed some issues with the collision and surface property of fire extinguishers Added and adjusted some grenade clipping Adjusted some clipping on boxes and cable stacks in connector Ancient: More player and grenade clips adjustments Closed various holes and cracks in the world Mirage: Fixed clipping around scaffolding at bombsite b to prevent one-way peeking through geo Office: Fixed player getting stuck on large crate in garage General grenade clip polish Vending machine break sequence now only happens once to avoid strobing lights Removed collision from pipes and cctv cameras at ct spawn garage Added grenade clips to doors at stairwell Fixed hole in door frame at t-spawn Fixed texture errors on ceiling at conference room Fixed some lighting errors on low settings Fixed weapons getting stuck behind crates at back way Fixed lighting artifacts in front courtyard Fixed bad boost onto electrical boxes in garage Anubis: Fixed z-fighting on stairs in connector Improved ground at bombsite A so that it has more accurate footstep sounds Fixed gap in world around b-site planting area Fixed z-fighting a backdrop temple near t-spawn Fixed missing collision at connector that would allow grenades to fall through world Fixed hole in world at street that allowed players to see through to canal Fixed vis issue on street looking back to t-spawn Fixed UV stretching in connector Sealed up holes in building rooftops for entire level to prevent grenades getting stuck in void Fixed holes in lower tunnel Fixed hole in canal Inferno: Moved bucket on scaffolding on bombsite B that could be mistaken for player during combat Closed hole to prevent grenades from falling through the map on bombsite A More player clip adjustments Fixed various micro gaps Nuke: Minor clipping fixes on rooftops and hut Better caustics in pool at B site Fixed vis issue in garage looking towards hell Vertigo: Fixed some light fixtures showing backfaces Fixed some light fixtures being misaligned Fixed missing vent pieces in Tunnels Attempt to fix players clipping through wood boards by stairwell at bombsite b Fixed bad clip above door at elevator Fixed flashbang inconsistency with metal gratings at scaffolding Fixed missing collision on horizontal tower beams at b-site Added grenade clips around bombsite b to prevent smokes getting caught in bad spaces Cleaned up geo and did a grenade clip pass around scaffold to make grenades work better Added grenade clip to b platform Fixed disconnected girders at mid Moved stack of drywall at back door>b for better movement/cover Improved clipping at side Jobsite injury signs are more responsive

Release Notes for 11/13/2023

Fixed a bug where collision between players was sometimes causing players to step up Fixed a bug where players could slide up walls in Mirage mid Fixed a movement systems bug where players could get stuck on geometry Fixed a bug that prevented "Zoom Button Hold: Repeat Disabled" from working correctly Fixed a case where switching weapons immediately after shooting would result in the shot not registering on the server Fixed a case where players could shoot during freeze time at the ends of warmup, halves, and matches

Release Notes for 11/9/2023

Added support for accepting game invites and party invites from Steam Chat and Steam Overlay. Added an execution delay for certain commands that can be specified on command line to be deferred until main menu fully loads (e.g. econ action preview commands, match download commands, playdemo, and similar). Fixed a bug that caused game events to not appear in CSTV demos recorded in tv_record_immediate mode. CSTV auto record now requires either an active CSTV server or tv_record_immediate to be enabled. Performance optimizations in game server demo recording code.

Release Notes for 11/8/2023

The visual and audio feedback from sub-tick input—such as movement acceleration and muzzle flashes—will now always render on the next frame Random numbers used for shooting spread are now synchronized between clients and servers by default. This makes tracers and decals match their server-authoritative trajectories more closely. Note: Spread has been synchronized on Valve official servers since 10/14 Fixed a bug where pressing a movement key immediately after jumping resulted in an inconsistent jump height Parties of four are now able to queue for Premier mode Added vote-kick immunity for solo players who get matched on the same team with a party of four players Adjusted the algorithm for re-establishing CS Rating after a period of inactivity in Premier mode Reduced the maximum audible distance of grenade bounce sounds Improved occlusion filter quality Addressed issue where sometimes headshot dink sounds playing as feedback for the attacker could be mistaken for incoming damage Lowered volume of sound for headshot damage with no armor from a victims perspective to bring it inline with volume of other headshot sounds Changed jump land sounds to have the same maximum audible distance as footstep sounds Changed volume falloff curve of jump landing sounds to better convey distance Improved molotov extinguish effects to sound better when multiple are playing at once Brought back spark sound feedback when bomb defuse is cut short due to player spinning Fixed issue where at very close proximity, a victims death groan could be mistaken as coming from the attacker Fixed a case where unsilenced m4a1-s did not have any distant gunfire sounds Mirage Fixed clipping on bench in palace Lowered the height of box on A site to match CS:GO Improved performance of blood effects at close range Improved bomb light visibility from back of bomb Reduced muzzle flash during quickswitch from scoped rifles Reduced the strength of the kill streak HUD effect after five kills Added setting "tv_record_immediate" to control when CSTV demo file will start recording content. If the setting is enabled then content will start at the moment when tv_record is executed on the server. If the setting is disabled then content will start recording from tv_delay earlier CSTV demos can now be recorded without delayed CSTV spectating enabled. Requires setting "tv_record_immediate 1" and executing "tv_record" at the moment when recording should start Adjusted wear values of some stickers to better match CS:GO Fixed a bug with workshop tools that would prevent light_environment from baking static shadows in some circumstances Improved quality of 'Performance' HDR rendering mode Enabling the upload of workshop maps for Wingman mode

Release Notes for 11/3/2023

Updated Redemption UI to show remaining time before weekly rollover Competitive Rating will now be updated after returning to main menu from a win Added notice to end of match for when CS Rating had been adjusted midmatch (e.g. due to the outcome of a match that the player was kicked from or abandoned, or recovering lost points from playing against a cheater) Various bug fixes and tweaks

The Maps Workshop

The Maps Workshop The Maps workshop is now open for business. Community map makers can start uploading their maps to the workshop, and community servers can host those maps. If you'd like to try some workshop maps offline, subscribe to them on the workshop and head to the Play menu. There are a bunch of other workshop tool updates today, along with a host of other fixes and adjustments to CS2. Check out the notes, play some matches, and keep that feedback coming!

Release Notes for 11/2/2023

Enabled uploading CS2 maps to the workshop Community Servers can host workshop maps Added paint metalness and roughness by color features to Solid Color, Hydrographic, and Spray-Paint finishes in the Item Editor Added option to toggle "Automatic PBR Color Correction" to all sticker types in Item Editor Various Item Editor help system updates including "mat_fullbright 10" to test PBR Various updates to workshop tools Fixed a case where user commands would be ignored in poor network conditions Fixed a case where weapons would fire faster than intended Fixed a case where clients would show multiple gunshots for one actual shot Fixed a case where players would fail to keep their weapons between rounds of overtime Fixed some instances of dropped weapons falling out of the gameplay space In firstperson, dead players will now see their own ragdoll at the server-authoritative lag-compensated position of their demise Decoy grenades interact aesthetically with smoke clouds Smoke grenades now have a minimum fuse duration to prevent smokes from prematurely detonating if stuck in crevices Players now ignore individual damage events dealing less than one point of damage Knife attacks will now prioritize enemies and will only hit teammates if there are no enemies in range Knife attacks no longer predict damage effects or sounds on the client Knife attack immediately after switching to a knife will always deal full damage amount For a given map location, eye height is now consistent regardless of how the player arrived INFERNO Fixed clipping in various areas Fixed various microgaps Fixed disappearing meshes in skybox Removed birds that got mistaken for grenades Added sv_maxuptimelimit setting to request server shutdown after certain number of uptime hours. Support -sv_maxuptimelimit command line parameter to randomly select uptime limit per instance within a range, e.g. "-sv_maxuptimelimit 48-72" command line parameter will request game server instance to self-shutdown somewhere between 48 and 72 hours by issuing "sv_shutdown" command on the game server. Added game server startup timing log records. Game servers will now print global chat messages when players acknowledge newly acquired items while connected to the game server. Fixed a bug showing 100% packet loss immediately after connection Fixed a bug where scoreboard ping could get stuck at a value lower than the real ping Improved rendering of stickers Added wins and wins-needed to Competitive Play Menu map tiles Fixed various minor HUD bugs Fixed various skins and sticker bugs Fixed various bugs with item inspection UI Fixed a skinning issue with Trapper Aggressor agent's legs Improved performance of player animations on client and server Smoke grenade canister changed to chrome material "Boost Player Contrast" no longer applies to dead players Adjusted microphone voice threshold value

Release Notes for 10/25/2023

Various bug fixes and tweaks: Inferno Improved bomb visibility when planted in fountain on bombsite B Improved grenade bounce behavior on roof and stone models to make it more predictable Removed part of railing on balcony Adjusted garage door on bombsite A to improve player readability and clipping Fixed lighting bug on Inferno workshop map Fixed various micro-gaps Overall clipping / movement polish Overpass Removed or tweaked models and textures to improve player readability Adjusted lighting in certain areas to improve player readability Adjusted grenade clipping in various areas Nuke Fixed clipping on ramp room doorway tread plates to prevent erroneous grenade bounces Fixed collision on doorways from ramp to bombsite B to be more accurate Improved player readability against container on bombsite B Fixed some cases where players clipped through garage door at lobby Removed dynamic light at squeaky to prevent shadows giving away player position through doorway Fixed various holes in world Overall clipping / movement polish Dust2 Fixed micro-cracks in crate models Anubis Adjusted grenade clipping in and around bombsite B to prevent grenades getting stuck in tight spots Fixed multiple cases where dropped weapons clipped through world geometry Fixed multiple holes and cracks in world. Fixed missing collision on geometry where c4 could be thrown out of the map Clipped multiple areas where players could stack, providing an unfair vantage point Fixed lightmap issues around CT spawn water Improved player readability in mid Improved CT team intro position Overall clipping / movement polish Office Improved player readability at CT spawn around swat van Fixed gaps in some cubemaps which were causing lighting issues Fixed some lighting artifacts on crates at low settings Disabled motion on vending machine Overall clipping / movement polish Vertigo Fixed ladder collision blocking bullets and grenades Fixed steel beams having incorrect surface property Overall clipping / movement polish Mirage Fixed various bullet penetration issues Overall clipping / movement polish Ancient Made fog adjustments to improve player readability Fixed micro-cracks in crate models Fixed multiple holes and cracks in the world Made visibility adjustments to donut area Fixed bullet penetration issues through wood panels near bombsite B Fixed material properties on some tarp models Overall clipping / movement polish Fixed some cases where weapons could fall out of the world Fixed a bug where Molotov self damage could be incorrectly penalized as team damage Improved performance for muzzle flashes and HE grenade effects Various bug fixes and tweaks to weapon finishes and stickers Added code to correct packets that arrive out of order in quick succession. These packets were showing up as loss in the net graph. Fixed a bug where SDR routing could sometimes choose the second-best route when immediately connecting, and then stick to that route for too long.

Release Notes for 10/20/2023

Added more client information to the screen timestamp label to help investigate reported issues. Fixed rendering issue related to GPU UltraWide+ feature. Stability improvements.

Release Notes for 10/19/2023

Added a startup check for incompatible AMD graphics drivers. We will now begin reversing VAC bans for affected players Fixed a bug in Windows 11 Auto HDR that led to smokes intermittently disappearing Miscellaneous bug fixes

Release Notes for 10/17/2023

Command aliases now leverage subtick accuracy New sound for final 10 seconds of bomb beeping Added missing KSK agent voice Reduced falloff distance of knife impact and swish sounds Various tweaks and bug fixes around occlusion filters and footstep clarity Fixed missing gamestate integration data regarding flashbangs and damage stats Fixed a bug where a defused bomb would block the player from swapping to a gun dropped close by Fixed some cases where players could peek through ceilings Convar cl_draw_only_deathnotices now blocks match status alerts such as LAST ROUND OF FIRST HALF. Added a game server command sv_load_forced_client_names_file. Running tournament servers with +sv_load_forced_client_names_file namesfile.txt allows loading a key-values file where client names are enforced to be the tournament registered player names. Added an additional fallback path for game clients to download network configuration. Added a game setting cq_netgraph_problem_show_auto that allows players to enable automatic display of network connection issues in top right corner of game HUD.

Release Notes for 10/13/2023

Various bug fixes and tweaks to agents, gloves, and stickers The Accept Match popup will now show server information if latency is notably high Fixed a bug where ping calculations were incorrect in Sydney which resulted in players connecting to distant data centers Added a list of nearest official datacenters under the "Max Acceptable Matchmaking Ping" setting Fixed a bug where the Perfect World region selection popup wouldn't save the last selection state Fixed the defuser not showing up on the scoreboard

Release Notes for 10/12/2023

When a server disagrees about a player's loadout, such as when a match starts during a patch, the buy menu will now reflect the server-authoritative loadout Fixed a case where players could clip through ceilings Made adjustments to character shaders to improve player visibility Fixed the "Smooth Criminal" foot pinning bug Adjusted team select and team intro knife animations to work with Shadow Daggers Various bug fixes and tweaks to Inferno, Mirage, Nuke, Overpass, and Vertigo Added "Player Color" option to "HUD Color" setting that will make the HUD match your or your spectator target's player color in competitive modes Changed "Use Player Colors on Team ID" default to "Yes" Added "Large Player Count" setting to replace player avatars with team player count in the mini-scoreboard during the active portion of rounds Fixed a bug where graffiti changes mid-match were delayed Various bug fixes and tweaks to weapon finishes and stickers New Screenshot button - captures a screenshot of the game window and saves a .png file to disk. Using "Inspect" with the gray or green backgrounds saves the .png with the UI elements hidden and a transparent background Added Inferno and Ancient preview maps (workshop_preview_inferno and workshop_preview_ancient) Workshop Item Editor - Integrated help system contains detailed guides when you see (More Help: Shift+F1) in the tool tip. These detailed guides contain important information about PBR color ranges, wear/durability masking alpha values, and much more

Release Notes for 10/10/2023

Matches will now be made with smaller rating differences between the teams at the expense of longer queue times. Relegation and Promotion matches will only occur at color boundaries, i.e. every 5000 CS Rating points. Increased possible CS Rating win/loss amounts to move players faster after calibration.

Release Notes for 10/9/2023

Fixed a case where feet would appear black when looking down at them through a scope Fixed a memory leak due to particles Fixed several hitbox alignment bugs Fixed knife spinning not feeling as fast as in CS:GO Fixed the bolt not moving during the M4A4 and M4A1-S deployment animations Fixed a bug where weapon inspect could interrupt the silencer toggle animation Various bug fixes and tweaks to Mirage, Vertigo, and Nuke Fixed several bugs with "Looking to Play" Various bug fixes and tweaks to weapon finishes and stickers Fixed a bug where loadout changes weren't saved if the game was closed shortly after making changes Fixed a bug where Steam Friends' match status was delayed or missing CPU performance improvements for weapon tracers Added an official matchmaking datacenter in Chengdu, China

Release Notes for 10/6/2023

Fixed a case where water would appear black in screenshots and video capture For AMD GPU users, shader compilation hitches can now be fixed with a driver update: https://www.amd.com/en/support/kb/release-notes/rn-rad-win-23-20-11-7 Fixed a case where the grenade throw animation would be canceled by holding the inspect key Adjusted M4A4 and M4A1-S draw animation to start from out-of-frame Minor animation system performance optimizations Various bug fixes and tweaks to Nuke, Vertigo, Anubis, and Overpass All surrender votes now require a majority to pass Fixed an exploit where players could spam chat during the Premier draft phase Fixed a bug where kicked players were receiving the maximum CS Rating penalty. Kicked players will now receive CS Rating based on the final outcome of the match instead Fixed a bug where the first character at the beginning of the terrorist team intro wouldn't render Configured SDL to prefer X11 over Wayland on Linux Paris 2023 items are no longer for sale

Release Notes for 10/4/2023

Removed Model / Texture Detail: Very High setting since it was identical to High. They used to differ by Texture Filtering Mode, but that's a separate setting now Repositioned finger on AWP so it doesn't look as long Various bug fixes and tweaks to Inferno, Anubis, Vertigo, Ancient, and Mirage Various bug fixes and tweaks to stickers Adjusted crosshair outline rendering for fractional values Fixed a bug where disconnecting from and reconnecting to a match would result in less XP Fixed the "buy " command to work with the new flexible loadout system. The command will now find the named item in your loadout instead of assuming a default slot. If the named item isn't in your loadout, the command will fail. To buy by slot, use "buy secondary0", "buy midtier1", "buy rifle2", etc. instead Various tweaks to automatic sniper rifle muzzle flashes Various tweaks to glass impact effects Added sort options to secondary inventory select panel for actions like applying stickers Fixed a bug where users in Germany were incorrectly identified as users in China

Release Notes for 10/2/2023

Removed movement penalty on mud surfaces Fixed a bug with shader compilation when connecting to a server that was causing hitches after connecting. Note that these hitches may still exist on AMD GPUs; we are working with AMD to address this Fixed a bug where knife slashing couldn't be interrupted with an inspect Various bug fixes and tweaks to weapon finishes and gloves Fixed a case where molotov/incendiary grenades would create a fire ring in the air Improved performance of molotov/incendiary fire extinguishing Various improvements to weapon dropping and throwing Various crash fixes

Release Notes for 9/29/2023

Fixed a case where grenade sounds were missing when exploding in-air Added separate sounds for grenades landing in vs out of the playable area Fixed a case where both terrorists in a Wingman match would appear to have the bomb Various bug fixes for the Vulkan renderer Updated Phoenix Soldier icon to reflect recent balaclava color change Fixed a rendering issue in the nametag inspect panel Disallowed binding toggleconsole to mouse1 since it was preventing normal menu interactions Various bug fixes and tweaks to weapon finishes and stickers Fixed a case where surrender votes would incorrectly fail Fixed a case where foot pinning wasn't active Various bug fixes and tweaks to Ancient Players who launch the game in China and have previously accepted the Steam China Subscriber Agreement will now get a prompt at launch which allows selecting "-perfectworld" or "-worldwide" mode Launch prompt can be activated with "-promptperfectworld" command line flag or completely bypassed if "-perfectworld" or "-worldwide" command line flag is used To launch a community dedicated server, you can use this reference command line: cs2 -dedicated +map de_dust2 To enable logging, add to your server commandline: +sv_logfile 1 -serverlogging Or add to a config file: sv_logfile 1 log on To enable HTTP logaddress forwarding, ensure logging is enabled as above and use: logaddress_add_http " : " Dispatched logs can be handled the same way as CS:GO

Counter Strike 2 players mourn lost content, as CS:GO disappears from Steam libraries

Counter Strike 2 has launched and proven tremendously popular, hitting almost 1.2 million concurrent players following the much-teased release. However, while a staggering number of people are jumping in and trying it out, a portion are mourning the loss of various features, maps, and game modes. "Now I’ve thought about it and this CS2 release was pretty bad," writes popular Counter Strike influencer and content creator Anomaly, before listing out a variety of missing features from the game including War Games, various maps, brand new content and more. The game itself looks gorgeous, and is packed with several quality of life changes, but this has seemingly failed to fill the space absent content has left behind. A similar sentiment can be found on Reddit, where users including Cosmictrigger01, have shared a parallel list of missing features. Comments are chock full of a back-and-forth between those unhappy with the launch and others who don't see it in such disasterous terms. Read more

Release Notes for 9/28/2023

Fixed missing win/loss/MVP music in Casual Put range clamps on r_fullscreen_gamma, r_texture_stream_max_resolution, and r_character_decal_resolution Fixed smokes not rendering correctly on AMD GPUs on Linux Adjusted grenade throw animations to reduce view obstruction Fixed a case where players would float a few inches off the ground after spawning Various bug fixes and tweaks to Mirage and Overpass Various bug fixes and tweaks to weapon finishes and stickers Updated Phoenix Soldier balaclava from green to original red color Fixed missing pouches on certain SWAT agents Fixed a bug where loadout shuffle would never happen Increased clickable area of sellback buttons in buy menu Fixed a case where the death panel would stay on-screen after respawning quickly Disabled CSTV and demo recording temporarily to increase server availability so more people can play

It's messed-up and weird that CS:GO is just gone

Valve has launched Counter-Strike 2 as part of which it has mothballed Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the latter being arguably the most popular competitive game in the world and definitely the most popular on Steam. From CS2's first announcement Valve has been clear that this was the next step for the series, going so far as to name CS2 "the CS:GO killer" in its Twitter bio, though that playful phrase has since been replaced... Read more.

Counter-Strike 2 releases on Steam, but can it beat CS:GO's all-time peak?

Just in case the initial tease, and subsequent Twitter account banner change didn't give you enough of a hint, Counter-Strike 2 has indeed arrived on Wednesday, September 27. As was always the plan, the game replaced Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on Steam. In fact, the Steam store page retains pretty much everything from the original CS:GO page - reviews, details, release date etc., except it now carries the new name. This is why it's hard to judge Counter-Strike 2's popularity compared to CS:GO, but what's immediately clear is that regardless of what it's called, Counter-Strike is the most played game on Steam. At the time of this writing, the game has 1,192,773 concurrent players online. Read more

Release Notes for 9/27/2023 Night

Weapon sounds will no longer sound like they come from the spot you are zoomed into Updated water in Nuke to fix an issue with smoke Reduced maximum amount of water refraction since it was looking too noisy/distracting Fixed a case where the death panel wouldn't show Fixed a case where the preview crosshair wouldn't show in game settings Fixed a case where debug text would appear on the crosshair

CS2 has more players than the next top nine Steam games combined

Counter-Strike 2 is finally here, which means both long-time fans and newcomers to Valve's iconic shooter are already hopping in-game to play through the updated maps. CS2 arrived as a free update to Counter-Strike Global Offensive, replacing the latter in the process. Now that CSGO is officially dead and Counter-Strike 2 has taken over, an uptick in fans can be seen on Steam's charts. CS2 has a whopping amount of players after just one hour, sitting with more than the next top nine Steam games combined. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: CS:GO gets a Halo crossover - check it out here Counter-Strike tops League of Legends as the second most-valuable esport Counter-Strike co-creator Jess Cliffe charged with paying for sex with a minor

Welcome Home

Welcome Home Counter-Strike 2 is here. Come take a look around. Counter-Strike 2 is the largest technical leap forward in Counter-Strike's history, supporting new features today and updates for years to come. If you're a returning player you'll find your favorite maps and matchmaking modes right where you left them, along with a revamped Premier mode where you can establish your all-new CS Rating. Rise through the ranks and see where you stand on global and regional leaderboards. For new players, learn the basics with some offline training and jump into Casual and Deathmatch to hone your skills. Once you've unlocked Competitive matchmaking you'll be off to the races. Grab your friends, and come join millions of players around the world. Welcome to Counter-Strike 2.

Release Notes for 9/27/2023

Counter-Strike 2 is now available and free to play Season One of Premier has begun Enabled Competitive matchmaking Enabled Wingman matchmaking Enabled Private Matchmaking Added Training Day, a brief introductory experience for brand new players Improved player-against-player movement collision Improved consistency of bullet penetration Player reflections in water are now occluded by smoke Molotov fire now floats above the water Fixed character ambient occlusion being visible through walls C4 bomb lights don't reflect through walls Fixed some rare cases of viewmodel lighting corruption Adjusted smoke behavior to cover cases where smoke would stop less than a player's height above the ground Fix various bugs with switching teams in the middle of offline Deathmatch Fixed Famas reloading too early Chickens can finally fall off Vertigo Added the new CS2 default music kit Added new audio customization settings Various mix tweaks and adjustments Various bug fixes related to music kits Updated the game startup sound Added background ambience to main menu scenes Restored the clutch_mode_toggle function Fixed a bug where sometimes c4 defuse and planting sounds could not be heard in certain locations Fixed some surfaces being incorrectly tagged causing incorrect footstep sounds in certain locations Fixed a bug where attackers could not hear headshot feedback through wallbangs or smokes Body damage feedback for attackers will now play within the same distance as it does for onlookers through smokes and wallbangs Fixed a bug where scoping in affected directional sound First person damage sounds are now more impactful Removed several legacy audio convars that existed in CS:GO but never had an effect in CS2 Adjusted character additive lean animation Adjusted jump animation, particularly when repeatedly jumping Adjusted jiggle-peeking animation Adjusted animated character head position relative to camera position Added bullet belt to negev Reduced foot sliding when carrying slower weapons Fixed character momentarily standing during crouch-planting animation Fixed incorrect viewmodel deploy speeds Fixed pops in some weapon inspect animations Inspecting weapons may now interrupt deploy animation When one or more party members get convicted of cheating and permanently banned, all their associates will be penalized with loss of Profile Rank and CS Rating In Premier, players with a very high established CS Rating are not allowed to party with accounts that do not have an established CS Rating Various bug fixes and tweaks for all shipped maps Adjusted vertical audio occlusion boundaries in Nuke and Vertigo Added an extra bell in Inferno Casual and Deathmatch maps are now separated into multiple map groups CS:GO Players who started playing more than a week ago will receive a commemorative CS:GO coin and CS:GO Music Kit Added Store tab to main menu Enabled all interactions with inventory items Replaced weekly drops with a weekly Care Package. Choose from weapon cases, weapon finishes, and graffiti Added demo playback support Added the ability to favorite and shuffle loadout items Added new item icons Office and Vertigo are available as main menu scenery Various updates for weapon finishes, including fixing overly strong wear on several Custom Paint Job finishes Reworked Phoenix Street Soldier balaclava texture to resolve visibility issues Enabled animated eyes on agent character models Game clients running in workshop tools mode are not allowed to connect to VAC secure game servers Added an all-new help system featuring contextually relevant guides and information. Guides include gray scale value ranges for alpha channel masking, paint-by-number mask color assignments based on current finish type, and much more! Removed dynamic props from solid color inspect backgrounds

'It’s not better than CS:GO yet, not even close'—What Counter-Strike pros think of CS2

Today is that once-in-a-decade moment when Counter-Strike's soul is transferred to a new body... Read more.

CSGO just got removed from Twitch, as Counter-Strike 2 nears launch

CSGO Twitch viewers be warned - the longstanding online shooter is no longer listed among the streaming site's games library. Following a tease from Valve, it seems like the Counter-Strike 2 launch will be imminently upon us. Adding a little more evidence to that theory, Counter-Strike Global Offensive has disappeared from Twitch, to be replaced by an entirely new category. It's a bit spooky. It certainly feels like something big is coming. What is going on with CSGO, CS2, and the entire Counter-Strike lineup? Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Best CS2 crosshair codes Every map in Counter-Strike 2 CS2 release date window, skins, trailers, and news

Is Counter Strike 2 release date coming next week, or is Valve trolling us?

Valve looks to be teasing the imminent release of Counter-Strike 2, if we're reading this cheeky Tweet correctly. The game has been in limited, closed beta testing since March, when it was initially announced. Valve always said that Counter-Strike 2 would be available for everyone sometime in the summer, so there's only really one way to interpret this Tweet from the official Counter-Strike account. "What are you doing next Wednesday?" it asks, referring to September 27. That would technically put it outside of the summer season, since that ends September 23. But we don't need to be literal here. Read more

Release Notes for 9/15/2023

Office Adjusted the weight of the vending machine Various fixes Ancient Various clipping adjustments Tuned the vertical audio occlusion of grenade sounds in Nuke and Vertigo Adjusted ambient sounds in Office Adjusted silenced weapon falloff Fixed a case where an AK47 headshot would not deal lethal damage Adjusted nametag location for Shadow Daggers

Release Notes for 9/14/2023

Anubis Various clipping adjustments Rebalanced lag compensation to favor lower-latency players Fixed a bug where dropped grenades were invisible Fixed a bug where dropped bombs and weapons would appear in the wrong location Various bug fixes and tweaks to weapon finishes

Release Notes for 9/13/2023

Various bug fixes and tweaks for all shipped maps Various fixes for molotov/incendiary grenades Various fixes for smoke grenades Fixed damage indicators for fire damage Adjusted first-person sniper contrails to reflect shot accuracy Various adjustments to lag compensation Replaced player elevation indicators on the radar with look directions Various bug fixes and tweaks to UI elements Audio mix changes and tweaks Lowered occlusion and distance effects for gunfire, footsteps and reloads Slight increase to stereo spread Fixed a bug where incorrect footstep and jump land sounds would play on elevated edges Fixed a bug where music would stop playing at the end of deathmatch Changed armor number in buy menu from amount you currently have to amount you can buy Various fixes for weapon finishes, gloves, and stickers Water rendering performance improvements Added nametag positions for all knife models Allow adjusting individual player voice volumes Various HUD bug fixes and tweaks Added option to disallow animated avatars Removed several legacy networking convars that existed in CS:GO but never had an effect in CS2

Release Notes for 9/8/2023

Mirage Fixed a pixel boost on pillars in B bomb site Nuke Fixed C4 falling out of the world in B bomb site Updated propsItaly Fixes to prevent players boosting out of playable space Added a C4 loadout slot for users who have C4 items with a name tag applied Audio mix tweaks and adjustments Fixed a case where roasted chickens fell through the floor hud_scaling is no longer imported from CS:GO. Note that players' hud_scaling will be reset to the default (1.0)

Release Notes for 9/7/2023

Ancient Various bug fixes and tweaks Various bug fixes to molotov/incendiary explosions Fixed ladders blocking bullet penetration Fixed missing USP-S description in the buy menu Adjusted low health indication Various animation bug fixes and tweaks Various performance improvements

Release Notes for 9/6/2023

Overpass Various bug fixes and tweaks Added current armor value to the buy menu Fixed issues with ducking across round transitions Fixed a case where smoke grenades wouldn't pop Fixed a case where molotov/incendiary fire area was small in corners Fixed a case where molotov/incendiary grenades would explode at the throwers feet Fixed a case where the dropped bomb icon would appear on the radar incorrectly Continued iterating on dropped weapon pickup Shortened "Waiting For Players" from 5 minutes to 2 minutes Fixed voting to surrender and voting for tactical timeouts Teams can use 3 tactical timeouts during regulation time and 1 during overtime Various bug fixes and tweaks to UI elements Fixed a case where hit feedback sounds wouldn't play for spectators Allow changing equipped graffiti mid-match Improved free roaming and chase camera behavior in CSTV Fixed a case where the money display was cropped in certain languages Fixed a case where "Block names and avatars of strangers" would replace names with the wrong color words Fixed a case where the award message for planting the bomb wouldn't show Fixed issues with alt-tab window switching in fullscreen mode Added cvars mp_team_timeout_ot_add_once, mp_team_timeout_ot_add_each, mp_team_timeout_ot_max to control timeouts in overtime

Release Notes for 9/5/2023

Ancient Fixed CT spawn area shape in minimap Overpass Adjusted spawn locations to reduce the likelihood of players spawning stuck together Inferno Various bug fixes and tweaks Re-enabled Casual matchmaking Fixed a bug where dropped weapons were behaving like held weapons Adjusted interpolation parameters Fixed missing bullet tracers on hits Made it easier to pick up dropped weapons Fixed a case where music wouldn't play at the end of deathmatch Various bug fixes and tweaks to Premier UI elements Adjusted freeze time post-processing effects Fixed missing player models for the first few seconds after team introductions Windows community servers can now appear in Steam Server Browser

Release Notes for 9/1/2023

Inferno Various bug fixes and tweaks Players who survive the last round before overtime no longer carry their items into overtime Disabled Casual matchmaking temporarily to avoid a bug where servers get stuck in the end-of-match state Fixes for missing music in Casual mode Various bug fixes and tweaks to Premier UI elements Various bug fixes and tweaks to weapon finishes Fixed a crash that occurs when changing audio devices Fixed an issue where players who abandon during Premier map voting receive multiple cooldowns

Release Notes for 8/31/2023

Added Premier mode Added a visible CS Rating and CS2 Leaderboards. For more information visit the CS2 Leaderboard FAQ Added CSTV for spectating Premier matches Fixed a case where grenade throw sounds would play twice Added music preview button to music volume sliders Various adjustments to sound effects Added Paint Kit enhancements to CS2 Item Editor. Paint Kit finishes can now support: Enabling custom normal maps and AO for all styles Optional pearlescent mask Optional standard PBR roughness texture Custom Paint-By-Numbers masks (enabling Paint-By-Number masks for Spray-Paint style) Added Inferno to all available game modes Various bug fixes and tweaks for all shipped maps Fixed a bug with hostage rescue prediction Enabled first-person shadow for carried hostages Fixed water effects showing in the wrong place when a bullet hit the water after penetration Various fixes for weapon finishes Replaced "Secondary Fire Hold" setting with "Zoom Button Hold" Fixed "Disable all voice comms" button in scoreboard "Temporarily Disable Incoming Chat" now mutes voice chat Various CS:GO settings will be imported when launching the CS2 Limited Test Fixed a case of inconsistent crouching with Duck Mode: Toggle enabled Updated the invulnerability visual effect Adjusted 'sv_infinite_ammo 2' grenade behavior to match CS:GO Desert Eagle third-person muzzle flash smoke now dissipates faster Continued iterating on smoke shape Adjusted Competitive mode match length to 12-round halves Recent ranked matches in "Your Matches" menu will now show Competitive, Wingman, and Premier matches Access to match history granted to third-party websites will now cover Competitive, Wingman, and Premier matches GetNextMatchSharingCode API used by third-party websites must now supply a match sharing code that is no more than 1 month old to obtain the next match sharing code.

Your Time is Now

Today we’re updating the CS2 Limited Test with a new map (Inferno!) and the all new CS Rating. Your CS Rating is a visible measurement of your Counter-Strike performance, and it will determine where you stand on global and regional leaderboards. To get your CS Rating, play matches in the updated Premier mode (our Active Duty Pick-Ban competitive mode) either on your own or with your friends. Additionally, today we’re starting the process of inviting as many eligible players as possible to the Limited Test. To be eligible for a CS2 Limited Test invite players must have CS:GO Prime status, an active official competitive matchmaking Skill Group, and play majority of their official matchmaking games in one of the regions where the Limited Test is available. Saving Time Over the past decade, we’ve shipped updates to the economy and weapon balance to trim the fat and reduce the number of uncontested rounds in a match of CS. Because of these changes, exciting competitive matches can be resolved with fewer rounds. And shorter matches mean players can play more, and more often. So with CS2, we’re moving to a maximum of 24 rounds in regulation time (with a 6 round overtime in case of a tie) for Premier, Competitive, and the Majors. We expect the structure and flow of matches to evolve over time as the community adapts. And we’re excited to see where they go next.

Valve's Counter-Strike 2 window is getting smaller by the day

Counter-Strike 2 seems closer than ever, as Valve continues its closed Counter-Strike 2 beta testing to hone the huge, free update to the competitive FPS game that sits consistently atop the most-played charts on Steam. But with the window set for the Counter-Strike 2 release date getting smaller by the day, it might not be long before we can all finally get our hands on the CSGO sequel. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Counter-Strike 2 skins explained Counter-Strike 2 release date window, skins, trailers, leaks Counter-Strike 2 update brings back maps, may mean upcoming release

Release Notes for 8/18/2023

Fixed bullet penetration through players Audio mix tweaks and adjustments

Release Notes for 8/17/2023

All maps previously shipped in the Limited Test are available in casual and deathmatch matchmaking All maps and game modes previously shipped in the Limited Test are available for offline play Dropped bombs no longer sink in water Reworked the bullet penetration system Enabled bot takeover where applicable

Release Notes for 8/16/2023

Italy Various bug fixes and tweaks Added more hostage variants

Release Notes for 8/15/2023

Competitive and Private Matchmaking are currently disabled in the Limited Test Minor adjustments to smoke cloud shape Added Italy to Deathmatch and Casual game modes Removed Anubis and Ancient Unified StatTrak position on both CS2 M4 models to not occlude stickers Adjusted sticker sizes on CS2 M4A4 so they no longer overlap Updated hostage models Audio mix tweaks and adjustments Added support for multiple team introduction variants

Release Notes for 8/7/2023

Anubis Removed from Competitive mode Various bug fixes and tweaks Ancient Added to Competitive mode Various adjustments to lighting Added missing collision detection to some debris Various adjustments to C4 animation Water rendering performance improvements

Mountaintop Studios reveals playtest for CSGO and Valorant rival FPS

There are heaps of shooters to sink hours into these days, many of them often in the conversation for the best FPS games ever made. Stepping up to tackle the likes of Counter-Strike Global Offensive and Valorant, developer Mountaintop Studios announces a fresh PvP tactical shooter that aims to evolve the genre onto fresh ground. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: s1mple settings, crosshair, and config for CS:GO The 10 best competitive FPS games August 2023 The best CS:GO crosshairs

Release Notes for 8/3/2023

Anubis Improved movement clipping map-wide Adjustments to collision around pillars Plugged holes in world geometry Fixed issues with weapon and bomb clipping through world geometry Ancient Improved water clarity at T spawn Adjustments to jumpable locations Adjustments to collision around corners Various adjustments to lighting Fixed an issue with round restart in the middle of weapon reloading Fixed a case where incendiary grenades fail to detonate in water Ragdoll limbs splash when they hit water

Counter-Strike 2 update adds beloved map, but removes iconic game mode

Counter-Strike 2 is one of the most exciting FPS games yet to release, and Valve has kept the hype going with its limited playtest. The team behind Steam has been hard at work improving Counter-Strike 2 with regular updates and additions, testing how different game modes and maps work within the most recent build. The developers added some popular reworked maps like Overpass and Vertigo recently, but it looks like the time to test other features has come. CS2 has now removed such maps as well as the 2v2 Wingman game mode, implementing other overhauled areas instead. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: CSGO gambling sponsorships banned by Twitch, as Valve also cracks down All Counter-Strike 2 maps confirmed so far Counter-Strike 2 release date window, skins, trailers, leaks

Valve resets the rules on pro CS:GO tournaments: 'we've seen professional Counter-Strike drift away' from its ideals

fter years of taking a hands-off approach to the pro CS:GO scene, Valve has very suddenly announced major changes to the rules governing tournament organizers that it says will help ensure that ability, and not money, determine which teams rise to the top of competitive events... Read more.

A Level Playing Field

Counter-Strike is at its best when teams compete on a level playing field and when ability is the only limit to their success. Over the past few years, we’ve seen professional Counter-Strike drift away from that ideal. The ecosystem has become gradually less open, with access to the highest levels of competition increasingly gated by business relationships. We think that Counter-Strike should be an open sport. So we’re going to add new requirements to running large-scale competitive events. The finer details are still in progress, but here are the broad strokes: Tournament organizers will no longer have unique business relationships or other conflicts of interest with teams that participate in their events. Invitations to all tournaments will use our ranking system (detailed here), or otherwise be determined by open qualifiers. Any compensation for participating teams—prize pool or otherwise—will be made public and will be driven by objective criteria that can be inspected by the community. Since tournament organizers have existing long term commitments, these requirements will take effect as of 2025. There will be some rough edges to the transition, but we’re committed to the long-term health of Counter-Strike as a sport and are looking forward to its bright and open future.

Twitch bans 'promotion or sponsorship' of CS:GO skin gambling

Late last year Twitch began to take the issue of gambling streams on its platform seriously, issuing new guidelines that prohibited such content and triggering an exodus of content creators that gambled on-stream. This saw major figures such as xQc, a hugely popular Canadian streamer who often gambles big money and admits he has a problem , move over to Twitch rival Kick, which allows gambling (though the $100 million definitely helped )... Read more.

CSGO gambling sponsorships banned by Twitch, as Valve also cracks down

CSGO gambling promotions and sponsorships are now prohibited on Twitch, as the streaming platform publishes revised rules relating to the Valve FPS game. According to the new regulations, CSGO streamers who may be sponsored by skin gambling sites will no longer be allowed to promote those sites during their Twitch broadcasts. The rules come as Valve alters the Steam regulations regarding CSGO gambling, ahead of the Counter-Strike 2 release date. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: All Counter-Strike 2 maps confirmed so far Counter-Strike 2 release date window, skins, trailers, leaks CS2 Overpass overhaul leaves us reflecting on its stunning new water

Release Notes for 8/2/2023

Disabled Wingman Added Anubis to Deathmatch, Casual, and Competitive game modes Added Ancient to Deathmatch and Casual game modes Removed Overpass and Vertigo Taught chickens how to swim Weapons splash when dropped in water Adjusted grenade/water interaction sounds Improved head animation when crouching while running Improved foot animation when quickly alternating between standing still and moving

Release Notes for 7/25/2023

Overpass Adjustments to jumpable locations Collision adjustments Various bug fixes and tweaks

You can vote to get this massive song made with Counter Strike gunshots into CS:GO

You can take a handful of gunshot sounds from Counter Strike, remix them, and with enough skill make an absolutely banging tune. Throw on some simple lyrics, and you've got Venjent's track 'Gun Shotta'. Be warned, it's a big one... Read more.

Release Notes for 7/21/2023

Fixed some instances of pixelwalks across all maps Slight adjustments to some Holo stickers Fixed a case where some match stats would be reported incorrectly at the end of the game Overpass Updated some signage Adjustments to jumpable locations Adjustments for improved player movement Adjustments to wall-bangable locations Various bug fixes

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive esports league bans Crocs in a war against comfort

fter years of ridicule and bewilderment at their existence, Crocs are finally kinda cool. They're affordable, comfortable as hell and you can even customise them with all sorts of cool charms and adornments... Read more.

Release Notes for 7/19/2023

Various fixes to Vertigo and Overpass

Release Notes for 7/18/2023

Fixed a case where parties of two or more were unable to enter matchmaking Adjusted door interactions with dropped weapons and ragdolls Fixed a case where door interactions with players affected hit registration Fixed a case where four grenade icons would scale incorrectly in the team hud M249 now has bullet belt animation Vertigo Various adjustments to lighting Added sounds to potty doors Fixed vacancy signs on potties Overpass Various fixes

Counter-Strike 2 update adds iconic game mode and map

Counter-Strike 2 is well underway as Valve works on the highly anticipated sequel, thanks in part to the FPS game's limited test. The team behind Steam has been hard at work developing CS2, with patches rolling out regularly for its test. The latest update for Counter-Strike 2 sees the addition of a beloved 2v2 game mode as well as the first overhauled map recreated for the new release. Other general changes and tweaks are joining these new features, like a visible countdown timer and sticker adjustments. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: If you want to play Counter-Strike 2, Valve might have good news Is Counter-Strike 2 Steam Deck compatible? All Counter-Strike 2 maps confirmed so far

Release Notes for 7/17/2023

Added Wingman game mode Added Overpass to Deathmatch, Casual, Wingman, and Competitive game modes Added Vertigo to Deathmatch and Casual game modes Removed Nuke and Office Enabled undo/redo buttons Various bug fixes Added the "Secondary Fire Hold" option to the input settings menu The halftime countdown timer is now visible Fixed a case where the camera would not interpolate correctly when switching between chase and roaming spectator modes. Fixed a case where the viewmodel weapon would disappear for one frame when switching in-eye spectator targets. Added leading zeroes on StatTrak module Glove patterns and wear now more closely align with CS:GO versions Various improvements to foil stickers Various adjustments to the size of stickers applied to weapons

18 year-old unboxes a $200K+ knife in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive after playing for 34 hours

s someone who's played Counter-Strike for over 15 years, I'm going to give you some advice: Don't open Counter-Strike: Global Offensive cases. It's simple! All you'll get is crap. And yet, and yet, somehow I still end up sticking in £20 or whatever when I get paid and unboxing multiple muddy brown MP9s worth 15p. So do as I say, not as I do... Read more.

CSGO skin prices go wild after suspected Steam summer sale bug

CSGO skin prices are facing volatility as a suspected marketplace bug, connected to the Steam summer sale, causes delays in listing community items for the Valve FPS game. A variety of CSGO weapon skins have seen either a sharp increase in value or a sudden decline, as Counter-Strike Global Offensive players attempt to offload some of their inventory to take advantage of the current Steam sale. However, ahead of the Counter-Strike 2 release date, this is seemingly causing a delay in the shooter's Steam marketplace, preventing some items from appearing as for sale. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Counter-Strike 2 system requirements predictions Counter-Strike 2 release date window, skins, trailers, leaks Counter-Strike 2 smokes - how to use new responsive smoke grenades

CS:GO ban wave results in £1.5 million worth of in-game items being made worthless

Around 40 CS:GO trader accounts have been banned by Valve, which has essentially removed £1.5 million worth of in-game items from the game entirely. As reported by Dexerto, last month gambling site CSGOEmpire shared a document containing a list of CS:GO traders it claimed were illegally laundering millions in dollars worth of crypto through rival site CSGORoll. Now, all but one of the traders listed in the document have been banned, meaning that about £1.5 million of in-game skins will no longer be available for purchase, potentially meaning they're removed from the game's economy for good. The owner of CSGORoll denied all the accusations in a lengthy Twitter post, writing, "I own a gamified skins trading platform, by law, this is not classified as a casino in our largest markets because we do not offer cash withdrawals. Contracted skins suppliers are not allowed to play games on the platform, thus we can legally pay them crypto for their skins to always ensure that we have a liquid marketplace. This was all checked by lawyers years ago, and we keep ourselves up to date on modern regulations to always make sure that we are compliant with the law." Read more

CS:GO ban wave results in over $2 million worth of skins and other items being lost

Valve has banned roughly 40 CS:GO accounts for trading, with the result that more than $2 million worth of in-game items have been lost. Any account that receives a community ban can no longer trade items, and so their stockpiles of CS:GO skins, stickers, gloves, knives, and the like are now in limbo. Other traders are apparently taking this as a warning, and selling everything they've got... Read more.

Release Notes for 6/30/23

Fixed a bug that caused small pops and stutters due to some sounds ending early and not fully fading out Bunnyhopping once again has a speedlimit. If you want to disable it, set sv_enablebunnyhopping 1 Fixed a rare issue that would cause camera height to be incorrect after respawn Nuke Fixed flickering shadows at vending

Release Notes for 6/29/23

Added Casual game mode. Fixed rare cases where bullets would not follow spray pattern. Added Nuke to Deathmatch, Casual, and Competitive game modes. Added Office to Deathmatch and Casual game modes. Removed Mirage. Added distance effects to all positional sound sources. Improvements to 3d sound processing. General mix tweaks and improvements. Fixed bug where sometimes sounds would not respect the occlusion values of surrounding geometry resulting in sources appearing closer than what they were. Fixed missing low frequencies at certain distances away from sound sources such as grenades and weapon fire. Fixed a bug where some sounds would be slightly louder or quieter depending on the listeners orientation. Added music cues to Match Accept and Loading screens. Added unique audio occlusion layer to help with vertical sound positioning in Nuke. Grenades can now be inspected. Improved healthshot animations Improved inspect behavior for various weapons Fixed cases of unintended slow crouch/uncrouch. Bunny hopping feel should now closely match CS:GO running at 128 tick. Added convar sv_jump_spam_penalty_time to allow fine tuning of bunny hop feel. The readout for cl_showpos has been enhanced to show the maximum speed of the last 3 seconds; this number is in parenthesis on the 'vel' line Players can no longer jump at the end of warmup time Sending game delta frames is now asynchronous, reducing dedicated server main thread CPU usage, thus reducing probability of dropped ticks. Fixed a case where a holstered weapon would be rendered on a dead player Added a team-agnostic equip icon for inventory/loadout item tiles When possible, switching to spectator mode will default to in-eye spectating Adjusted the transition between spectator chase cam and roaming cam Centered game mode text in the loading screen Removed "Best out of X rounds" from the loading screen

Release Notes for 6/20/2023

 Fixed a bug with the sell-back feature Fixed a few financial fun facts Adjusted the main menu position of CTs holding the Dual Elites Fixed tooltips sometimes staying up when you exit the loadout screen Fixed some texture streaming issues Various improvements to stickers Improved sound synchronization for the first bullets during automatic fire Fixed a case where the death panel would appear if killed during the end of match screen Mirage Various lightmap fixes Smoke clouds now pass through the metal rollup grating in underpass Players can no longer jiggle themselves into the skybox Fixed a bug that would cause the player to sometimes move too far forward Various bug fixes

"Counter-Strike 1.6, but with cars" is playable now on Steam

"Counter-Strike 1.6, but with cars." Now, that's a heck of a pitch. If I were a busy videogame executive, and someone walked into my elevator and dropped that idea bombshell, I can safely say they'd be getting a firm handshake, a big green light, and maybe some kind of little gift as a token of my thanks. But don't take my imaginary CEO's word for it. If you're a big CSGO fan, or you're kicking your feet waiting on Counter-Strike 2, Stunt Derby takes the spirit of the Valve shooter's glory days and transplants it into a new low-poly racing game available to try now on Steam. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: CSGO ranks 2023 - CS:GO MM ranking explained Valve targets CSGO case idlers as Counter-Strike 2 looms Counter-Strike 2 patch notes are Valve's second update in two days

Release Notes for 6/15/23

Fixed auto rebuy not working if you survived through the Deathmatch warmup Pressing the jump key to respawn in Deathmatch no longer results in an actual jump The buy menu now closes on right mouse button DOWN instead of UP Refunds are now correctly accounted for when tracking total money spent by user Fixed bad kerning in accolade descriptions Fixed a freeze/hang in Hammer The CS2 Workshop Tools convar helper page now has better descriptions Fixed aspect ratio for workshop submission screenshot Various improvements to the look of the M249, MP5-SD, Desert Eagle, Dual Elites, and Taser Added Zeus x27 to workshop submission weapon list Mirage Various map fixes

Release Notes for 6/14/23

Mirage Fixed a spot near bench that caused the server to lag Fixed various strange wallbangs Adjusted end of match screen Fixed some edge case issues with sell back Buy menu color now matches cl_hud_color Fixed edge cases with inspecting items Fixed a bad interaction between the acknowledge panel and inventory Fixed a glitch while refreshing the loadout tab Fixed some localization bugs Fixed various crash Fixed movement bug that would cause a slide along curbs in Dust II Flashbangs can be redeployed after thrown so that players can quickly throw multiple in sequence Reduced the single-frame flash effect when zooming out with sniper rifles

Valve targets CSGO case idlers as Counter-Strike 2 looms

Fresh Counter-Strike 2 patch notes show Valve is taking a firmer stance on case farming as it continues to roll out almost daily changes for its latest round of Counter-Strike 2 beta testing. With new users now getting into the CS2 limited test beta, Valve continues to work on fixing bugs and exploits with another Counter-Strike 2 update, but also takes the opportunity to change CSGO case drops for its previous FPS game. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Counter-Strike 2 bans first cheaters, as Valve takes no prisoners Counter-Strike 2 smokes - how to use new responsive smoke grenades Counter-Strike 2 patch notes are Valve's second update in two days

Release Notes for 6/9/2023

CS:GO Players now get a weapon case with their first weekly XP rank up, rather than after some amount of (idle) playtime. CS2 A second tranche of users are in process of being added to the limited test. Mirage: Removed wallbang through door towards connector. Blocked gap in box stack top of mid. Blocked pixel gap by ticket booth. Added back jump onto firebox in A site. Fixed various player and grenade collision bugs. Fixed various minor graphical bugs. Fixed disconnecting players taking C4 explosive with them. Deathmatch bonus weapons now offer weapons from equipped loadout options. Added "Replace for CT" context menu loadout shortcut for USP-S when P2000 is equipped and vice versa. Automatically cancel drag and drop operation when switching away from loadout menu. Improved the look of SCAR-20, G3SG1. Fixed asset compiler bug creating stray files when running in directories that have spaces.

Release Notes for 6/8/2023

Fixed smoke expansion algorithm when detonating very close to a wall. Adjusted the step function for AMD hardware. Adjusted reload animation blending to better blend between different states. Adjusted Famas and MP5-SD reload events to match the moment when the magazine is fully inserted. Fixed a regression with the death notice panel. Fixed new item acknowledgement UI controls not working sometimes. Stability improvements.

Counter-Strike 2 patch notes are Valve's second update in two days

More Counter-Strike 2 patch notes are here from Valve, as the limited test Counter-Strike 2 beta for its long-awaited sequel to one of the best FPS games rolls along. With news that Mirage is replacing classic CSGO icon Dust 2 in the map pool, it's now been added to the main menu as well. In addition to this, Valve has fixed several bugs and a weapon recoil issue, along with some model updates, showing that Counter-Strike 2 update changes can be rolled out much more quickly thanks to the all-new code. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Counter-Strike 2 smokes - how to use new responsive smoke grenades Counter-Strike 2 refunds end a lifetime of misclicks Counter-Strike 2 release date window, skins, trailers, leaks

Release Notes for 6/7/2023

Added Mirage as an option for the main menu scenery map. Fixed a regression with weapon recoil on high-punch weapons like MAG-7 sometimes punching weapon view model towards the ground instead of up in the air. Improved the look of UMP-45, MAG-7, R8 Revolver, Sawed-Off. Fixed legacy models appearing when previewing new weapon paint finishes. Fixed a regression where 10-second music cue was sometimes not playing. Fixed wooden ladders to play wooden footstep sounds. Fixed free armor side-effect of armor refunding. Fixed loadout tooltips getting stuck on main menu. Fixed a regression with inspecting Huntsman knives. Brought back an option to pass number keys through to the game while in buy menu. Numerous stability improvements.

Counter-Strike 2 refunds end a lifetime of misclicks

I won't be the best Counter-Strike 2 player, I'll freely admit it. My natural aiming and movement skills are much better suited to some of the other top FPS games out there than the tactical angles and snap headshots that Counter-Strike 2, much like its previous entries, will demand of me. However, Valve has just saved me from one of the easiest mistakes to make with the introduction of refunds for Counter-Strike 2. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Counter-Strike 2 smokes - how to use new responsive smoke grenades Counter-Strike 2 patch notes are Valve's second update in two days Counter-Strike 2 release date window, skins, trailers, leaks

Goodbye Wheel

Goodbye WheelToday we're shipping the first major update to the CS2 Limited Test. You can check out the release notes to see what's new, but here are some of the big changes in today's update: New Loadout and Buy Menu Head to the loadout to customize the weapons you take into battle! Make your choices for the T and CT sides with four pistols, five mid-range weapons (SMGs and Heavy), and five rifles (yes, you can bring both M4's). Just drag and drop to adjust your buy menu however you see fit. The buy menu has gotten a few extra upgrades, including a refund option for any weapons you purchased in the round and haven't used yet, and indicators to help you track what your teammates are carrying. Workshop Tools The Limited Test now also includes all-new Counter-Strike 2 Workshop Tools, which can be enabled and downloaded from the in-game settings menu. These tools will allow community contributors to create weapon finishes, stickers, and maps. There's much more in today's update, from smoke grenade adjustments to input and animation. Jump into the Limited Test and send your feedback to cs2team valvesoftware com (make sure to include CS2LT in your title).

Release Notes for 6/6/2023

Mirage has replaced Dust II on official Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test matchmaking servers. Introducing Counter-Strike 2 Workshop Tools which can be enabled and downloaded from in-game settings menu--these tools will allow community contributors to create weapon finishes, stickers, and maps. Note: the Steam Community Workshop does not yet support uploading CS2 maps. The level editor (Hammer) now leverages GPU accelerated raytracing to both preview and bake lighting for CS2 maps. This significantly speeds up compile times, but as a result a GPU capable of raytracing is required for Hammer to be fully functional. Hammer GPU Minimum Specs: Nvidia 2060Ti 6gb (2080Ti+ recommended) AMD 6600XT (6800XT+ recommended) The player loadout has been revised: Players have 1 Starting Pistol slot, 4 Pistol slots, 5 Mid-tier slots (previously "SMGs" and "Heavy"), and 5 Rifle slots, per team. Assign any (side-appropriate) weapon to any slot within its category. Supports drag-and-drop and has been redesigned to fit in on a single screen. The in-game buy menu interface has been revised: The wheel has been replaced with a grid showing all purchase options at the same time. Teammate purchases are displayed on the buy menu. Weapon "stats" display has been replaced with simple straightforward descriptions. Players can now refund any purchase that was purchased in the same round and has not been used. Existing CS:GO items on the Steam Community Market can be inspected in Counter-Strike 2. Sub-tick movement is now more precise and less "floaty" (per player-feedback). Releasing movement keys now correctly convey their sub-tick timing. The top player of a triple-stack can now shoot. Fine-tuned weapon aim punch recovery to be latency-independent during sub-tick recovery on the client. Fine-tuned view punch camera shake effect during shooting to be both latency-independent and synchronized with all other sub-tick shooting effects on the client. Improved lighting/rendering when smoke overlaps multiple distinctly lit regions. HE grenade effect times on smoke has been reduced. Shotguns now create larger holes in smoke volumes. Adjustments to the viewmodel 'inspect' to remove animation popping. Several viewmodel and blending animation fixes. Improved traversal animation. Jumping into the air and running off a ledge is now differentiated to allow for separate character motion. Player's own footstep sounds are now predicted on the client for a latency-independent experience. Improved performance and responsiveness in windowed and full-screen windowed modes. Fixed several bugs and rendering artifacts. Fixed bug that would cause input to become permanently broken when multiple commands were bound to one key. Multi-binds are back, except for jump-throw binds (which are now a skillful part of CS). Commands bound to mouse wheels will now be reliably executed. Fixed bug that would cause input to execute incorrectly after taking over a bot in practice mode. Inspecting weapons is now predicted on the client for a more responsive experience. VAC will now live ban and gracefully terminate the match at the end of the round (unless it was the last round and the cheater lost). The match will not affect any participants' Skill Group. Players that were not lobbied with the VAC-banned player will earn XP for match.

CSGO map based on Ukraine war allegedly blocked by Valve

A CSGO map that contains a hidden room full of uncensored information about the invasion of Ukraine has allegedly been blocked by Valve, making it inaccessible to players who have Russian IP addresses. The map, 'de_voyna,' is created by Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, and is partially decorated with images, news reports, and video footage outlining Russian military actions in Ukraine. The purpose of the FPS game map is to circumvent news censorship in Russian, and provide unfiltered information regarding the war to Russian CSGO players. Helsingin Sanomat however now alleges that Valve has blocked Russian players from accessing de_voyna. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Counter-Strike 2 needs more women Counter-Strike 2 will apparently include "pets" Counter-Strike 2 release date window, skins, trailers, leaks

Team Vitality - Major Champions!

Team Vitality - Major Champions! Congratulations to Team Vitality, champions of the BLAST.TV Paris Major! They defeated GamerLegion and completed a dominating performance, sailing through the event without losing a single map. Today we are releasing the Paris 2023 Champions Autograph Capsule, featuring autographs from apEX, dupreeh, Magisk, Spinx, and ZywOo. Celebrate the champions in style, with paper, glitter, holo, and gold player autograph stickers!

Counter-Strike 2 needs more women

Counter-Strike 1.6 always felt like a home to me. But then CSGO came out, around the time I was old enough to own a headset with a microphone, and it started to feel like the FPS game wasn't really designed with me in mind. Constant toxicity forced me to unplug the mic and over the years I gradually strayed to other shooters like Valorant. Still, I always hoped Global Offensive would clean up its act. There's no silver bullet to remove sexist online trolls, but Valve can stand shoulder to shoulder with women by changing how Counter-Strike 2 looks. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: CSGO map based on Ukraine war allegedly blocked by Valve Counter-Strike 2 will apparently include "pets" Counter-Strike 2 release date window, skins, trailers, leaks

CSGO's lucrative skin market has a dark side

Taking risky action hoping for a desired result. That's the definition of gambling, and if you're a CSGO skin lover with a credit card, it's something you might have done pretty regularly. Buying a CSGO cheap case, spinning the slots, praying to the RNG gods for that rare, glittering skin you can sell for a pretty penny later. I'm not complaining. After all, who doesn't like some extra cash through risky means? But it all changes when you're a parent, and your kids' favorite FPS game potentially exposes them to softcore gambling. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: CSGO ranks 2023 - CS:GO MM ranking explained The best sniper games on PC 2023 CSGO has been put in the Louvre

The Grand Finale

The Grand Finale The BLAST.tv Paris Major began with 24 teams and 2 finalists remain: GamerLegion and Team Vitality. The Champions Stage saw GamerLegion defeat Monte 2-0 and Heroic 2-1 on their path to the Grand Finals. In front of a home crowd Team Vitality bested Into the Breach and Apeks 2-0 on consecutive days. The Grand Finals of the last CS:GO Major take place tomorrow, May 21st, from Accor Arena in Paris. Team items are available here with 50% of the proceeds going to teams and organizations taking part in the Major. Good luck to the grand finalists!

On to the Finals

On to the Finals The Legends Stage of the BLAST.tv Paris Major has concluded and the Champions Stage is set. The following teams will compete to become Major Champions of the final CS:GO Major: 3-0: Heroic Vitality 3-1: GamerLegion Monte Team Liquid 3-2: Apeks FaZe Into the Breach The Quarterfinals begin Thursday, May 18th, at 6:00pm Paris time GMT+2. The conclusion of the Legends Stage means Pick'Ems are now open for the Champions Stage. Team items are available here with 50% of the proceeds going to teams and organizations taking part in the Major. Good luck to the final 8 teams!

CSGO has been put in the Louvre

CSGO is art now. With the Valve FPS game soon to be supplanted by the upcoming Counter-Strike 2, it perhaps feels right that it becomes ensconced in history alongside the Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo, and Johannes Vermeer's The Astronomer. And that's exactly what's happened, as one group of committed CSGO players temporarily 'instals' an extremely clutch clip from the Paris Major in the world's most famous art gallery. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: CSGO skin gambling under pressure as Valve tightens Steam rules CSGO skins versus NFTs - one is a game, the other is a gamble Counter-Strike 2 smokes - how to use new responsive smoke grenades

Enter The Legends

Enter The Legends The Challengers Stage of the BLAST.tv Paris Major has concluded and 8 teams have advanced to the Legends Stage. 3-0: ENCE G2 3-1: Apeks FaZe Ninjas in Pyjamas 3-2: GamerLegion Monte Team Liquid The Legends Stage begins May 13th and Pick'Ems are now open. Team items are available here with 50% of the proceeds going to teams and organizations taking part in the Major. Good luck to the 16 remaining teams!

CSGO skin gambling under pressure as Valve tightens Steam rules

CSGO skin gambling could face increased pressure and scrutiny following revised Steam guidelines issued by Valve. The FPS game allows for a variety of trading types and CSGO skin exchanges, but in some cases these may violate the new version of Steam's conduct rules, potentially leading to account sanctions. The announcement from Valve comes as CSGO cases see record opening numbers, and we await the arrival of Counter-Strike 2. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: CSGO skins versus NFTs - one is a game, the other is a gamble Counter-Strike 2 smokes - how to use new responsive smoke grenades Counter-Strike 2 release date window, skins, trailers, leaks

CSGO skins versus NFTs - one is a game, the other is a gamble

CSGO skins were ahead of their time. If I had told you ten years ago that gamers could make a fortune by playing an online shooter, opening little digital cases, and selling what was inside, it might have sounded bizarre. But Valve's FPS game was a trailblazer, forming the blueprint for what we now call the 'non-fungible token,' or NFT. Long before the bored apes, CSGO players were trading virtual items. Naturally, then, NFT collectors may be curious about investing in CSGO skins, but though they may seem similar, the two commodities are vastly different. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: CSGO skin gambling under pressure as Valve tightens Steam rules Counter-Strike 2 smokes - how to use new responsive smoke grenades Counter-Strike 2 release date window, skins, trailers, leaks

CSGO Steam Charts reveal outstanding record break for Valve FPS

With over a decade having passed since CSGO welcomed avid FPS players into its iconic maps, the Valve shooter is still going strong thanks to an ironclad esports scene and passionate followers. Now, with Counter-Strike 2 set to give the popular multiplayer game a fresh coat of paint, CSGO is experiencing an incredible surge of players on Steam - helping it to break one of its own records. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: CS:GO ranks - the ranking system and MMR explained Valve unveils some pretty sus final CSGO Major stickers How to show FPS in CS:GO

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